System 40 and 40+ Roller Blind System

  • The Louvolite System 40® Roller Blind System can satisfy most window types with a variety of models to suit the different sizes of blinds
  • Manufactured in the UK using quality materials such as aluminium, mild steel, acetate and glass filled nylon plastics
  • All Louvolite Systems are 10 year life cycle tested
  • Unique bracket securing pin for safety after installation
  • Cassette systems available in white, cream, grey or black finish or with the ability to co-ordinate with fabric
  • The Louvolite System 40+® offers enhanced lifting performance for all blind sizes
  • Guide-wire system is available to hold fabric parallel to the window when the blind is operated
  • Easi Lift spring operation available for easier operation of heavier blinds

System 40® and System 40+® Roller System

Roller Blinds should be manufactured using the Louvolite System 40® or System 40+® Roller Blind mechanisms with specifically designed grooved 40mm aluminium tubing. The specified fabrics should be formed into and held into the tube with locking tape. The side control units should be manufactured in the UK and made from glass filled Nylon 6, with an acetal sprocket and sprocket guard and include a locking spring.
The operating chain should be No.10 size in metal to ensure reliable performance. The brackets used should be made from mild steel, zinc plated and powder coated and be suitable for top or face fixing.
A spring plunger end mechanism should be located at the opposite end to the control mechanism. This provides improved security and fit within the brackets. and enhanced smoothness of operation.
The side control unit should be fitted with a centre plug that ensues the mechanism operates smoothly even under extreme loads.

System 40® and 40+® Guide Wire Roller Blind System

Roller Blinds with guide wires should be manufactured as per the standard Louvolite System 40® and System 40+® and include dedicated brackets, PVC coated wire and glass filled nylon plastic base or side fixing units.

System 40® and 40+® Cassette Roller Blind System

Roller Blinds with Cassettes should be manufactured as per the standard Louvolite System 40® and System 40+® and include the specially designed powder coated cassette system with dedicated top or face fix brackets. On specification the user has the choice between a single coloured extrusion in dedicated colours or a fascia which will incorporating the same fabric or contrasting fabric used on the roller blind.


To ensure a positive performance, all Louvolite Roller System units are manufactured in the UK using prime quality plastic materials and a dedicated steel locking spring. The sidewinders will lock into the bracket with the unique bracket securing pin for safety after installation.
10 year life cycle testing is done to ensure long lasting performance. The units will accept both metal or plastic rotation chain providing a smooth operation of the blinds.


Operation is with No.10 metal or plastic rotation chain to raise and lower the blinds. It is recommended that where children maybe present that the chain is fitted with easy-break connectors or cord tidy devices.

Bottom Bar

The bottom bar should be either aluminium or plastic and covered with fabric. Silver or white round bottom bars are available with the fabric formed and locked into the top part to leave the bar exposed.


All of the System 40® Roller Blind System components are manufactured using aluminium and plastic. They do not present any corrosion problems in normal environments. The system has been designed for a smooth operation, together with a rigidity to prolong the window blind’s working life.
Manufacturing guidelines for the size restrictions for each model are included in this specification brochure.