Velux Blinds

Shadow Blinds Approved Velux Supplier

Shadow Blinds have been supplying Velux Blinds for Velux Roof Windows for many years using genuine Velux Components and fabrics.

There’s no match like a perfect match

Original VELUX blinds fabrics and components go hand-in-hand with VELUX roof windows. Velux manufacture the largest assortment of roof window blinds on the market – and all of their sunscreening products guarantee you a perfect fit, a great look and long-lasting, reliable performance.

From hidden cords and slim designs to darkened blackout side rails and Oeko-tex fabrics, we always add that extra touch. So whether you need light control, heat protection, a sophisticated look or a splash of colour, you are sure to find the right blind for your needs. Simply choose from the wide range of blind types and select a colour or pattern that complements your room.
Our high performance, award-winning blinds are also built to last. VELUX blinds and shutters are rigorously tested to ensure flawless operation and minimal fading even after years of every day use and exposure to the elements. For generations, VELUX engineers and designers have been perfecting these products while developing innovative, patented solutions. That’s why original VELUX blinds are the best and most trusted around.

It’s all in the details

Purchasing your VELUX blinds

Check your window code – Every VELUX Roof Window carries a unique data plate that details the type and size of the window. No measurements are needed.

If you don’t know your window code or can’t locate it, perhaps your VELUX windows are in hard to reach places, then contact us today and we can advise on what do next or arrange a free visit to help.

Energy Saving Velux Window Blinds

Be cool, stay warm and save money

Window blinds reduce solar gain in your home during the summer months.

Reducing heat build up provides a more acceptable room temperature and reduces air conditioning requirements, saving you money.

Window blinds also reduce the amount of heat lost through windows when it’s cold outside.

This thermal loss reduction helps the heat stay in your home when you need it and reduces your heating costs.

Window blinds help you ‘Be Cool and Stay Warm’ providing improved living conditions and substantial energy savings.

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