Child Safety

A lot of the members of the Shadow Blinds team have families and as such we understand the value and peace of mind in knowing that your blinds are installed safely.  As part of our service, we’re happy to check any existing blinds you might have whilst we’re installing new ones and make them child-safe too.

Child Safety in the home is a primary concern for us all especially where young children are concerned, so to minimise the risk of unfortunate accidents we recommend the use of our safety options on all roller blinds such as cord and chain tidy or cord and chain cleat.

These prevent loose cords and chains from dangling freely and keep them safely restricted – making them much less accessible to curious youngsters.  Depending on the solution chosen, safety devices either break under pressure, tension the cord or chain or provide the facility to store cord(s) out of reach.

If you’d like to find out more about our child safe blinds, visit one of our showrooms, give us a call or fill out our contact form and we’ll be happy to help.

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The Dangers

Window Blinds with cords and chains represent a clear and present danger to young children, as many a tragedy where a child has died through strangulation have proved.

In seconds a child can become entangled in the looped cords or chains, leading to death by strangulation.

It is not just in the home that window blinds pose a problem though.  Take a look at any public building, from a library to a hospital,from leisure centres to playgroups and from schools to shops and you can see unprotected window blinds just waiting to trap a young child.

Child Safety Devices

In any room in a house designs with cords or chains must be secured with a child safety device whether or not you have children living with you.This is because little ones may visit your home from time to time and if you decide to move,the blinds that you leave behind must be safe for the new owners.

All our staff at Shadow Blinds are trained in all aspects of child safety with the products we manufacture and supply.

Your Representative will be able to advise you on your requirements to comply with legislation and what this means for the installation of your window blinds

Additional Tips

Your Shadow Blinds Installer will take care of installing the appropriate child safety devices for you on your installation date,but there are a couple of additional steps that you can take to ensure that your blinds are child safe

  • Keep all cords and chains out of the reach of children using the safety hooks and cleats which have been installed for you
  • Loose Cords or chains should never be tied together
  • Furniture that children could climb on should be kept away from your windows