Window Blind Cleaning & Refurbishment

When buying Shadow Blinds our customers are getting the benefit of 30 years experience in the supply, manufacture and installation of all types of Blinds.

Even with our reliable range of Window Blinds we understand that occasionally, due to high usage and natural wear and tear, your Blinds may need to be repaired or refurbished. We also understand the many differing types of window blinds and systems on the market and have come across most, if not all of them in our experience. We are, therefore, very likely to be able to support you with any repairs or spare parts you may need.

We carry an extensive range of spare parts for most types of window blinds and this, combined with our experience, could save you from the expense and inconvenience of replacing an entire system.

If we can’t find a part for your particular system then we will let you know exactly what alternatives are available and what your best options are – all you need to do is ask.

Vertical Blinds Refurbishment - More information

Fabrics – where you might fancy a change or they have served their purpose

Replacement Fabrics to fit existing headrails, be they ours or from another company – providing the track is serviceable – can be a cost effective way of changing your blinds without having to outlay the costs for a full new blind.

Priced per metre all our replacement fabrics come with free stabilising weights and chains and are available in our full range of colours and choice of fabric.

We also offer an alteration service where we can reduce the sizes where this permits-for example when new windows have been fitted and the opening sizes change.

Replacement stabilising weights and chains are available at both our showrooms(its amazing what the family pet can get up to with these!).

Unfortunately due to the nuances of fabric composition we cannot offer a Cleaning service for Vertical Blind fabrics.


A full repair service including restringing and lubrication.

We can inspect these for you and advise the best way forward (repair/overhaul or renew) for you.

Replacement brackets and other accessories are available at our showrooms – amazing what the decorators can lose.

Our advisors will give you the benefit of their expertise and advise on costs for the different options available to you.

Venetian Blinds Refurbishment - More information

The traditional Venetian Blind lives on and trends drifting to and from Venetian Blinds including their durability has meant Shadow Blinds have installed tens of thousands of these blinds over the years.

We have also renovated in a very cost effective manner thousands of Venetian Blinds(of all types and makes) in Domestic,Industrial and Commercial premises.


Our team have used the same method for many years(Ultra sonic cleaning with a mild chemical) which not only cleans the slatting but the cords as well.


A simple break of a cord on a Venetian Blind can make it unuseable and this can be caused by varying reasons including age and/or faulty/worn mechanisms

We can repair the required cord or all the strings if necessary making the blind function as new.

Faulty Mechanisms

30 years experience has shown us where these occur and we carry a full range of spare parts for most Venetian Blinds .

Roller Blinds Refurbishment - More information

Replacement Fabrics

Provided the mechanisms are sound there could be s substantial saving for you in replacing the fabric only.

This could be for a variety of reasons including change of colour scheme,damage or if you just fancy a change

Faulty Mechanisms

Cords,Sidewinder mechanisms and springs are always capable of failing

We carry a full range of spare parts for most Roller Blind systems