We offer a free measuring service at Shadow Blinds, so with a quick call you can have one of our team members pop over and measure for exactly the type of blinds you’d like in no time at all (they’ll bring some samples of fabrics too).

If you’d prefer to measure for the blinds yourself however, here are some tips on how to do so:

  • Use a metal tape rather than a fabric one as this may have stretched over a period of time and become inaccurate as a result.
  • Accurate measurement is essential and to the nearest 3mm.
  • Not all windows are conveniently exact or rectangular in shape. Take several measurements of the width and quote the minimum figure.
  • When measuring, watch for obstructions such as door knobs, handles and locks. Try to imagine the blind as being already installed.
  • Is there enough space for the blind to function correctly? Would a different kind of blind work better or be easier to operate?

(Note: Ensure there is enough space for blind to operate freely allowing for window handles, opening, etc.)

The next decision to make is, do you want your blind to fit inside or outside the window recess?

Inside Recess Measurement

When fitting into a recess ensure that there is sufficient clearance from handles for slats to be in the open position i.e……. either 50mm, 35 mm or 25mm.

VENETIAN BLINDS: Order the actual recess width and drop. We will deduct a nominal 10mm(½”) for operating clearance on the width.

Outside Recess Measurement

Decide how much you wish to overlap the recess on each side.

We suggest an overlap of 76mm (3″) on sides, top and bottom. Add this to the actual recess size.

Blinds will normally be manufactured with the pull cord on the left and the raise and lower control on the right unless otherwise specified at the time of ordering.

Please note: If you’re not 100% confident with the measuring process, please give us a call and get one the team out to do the job – for obvious reasons we can’t take responsibility for blinds that don’t fit properly because the measurements are incorrect. Please give us a call if you’d like any more advice.